There Is A Problem With The Use Of Paint

- Apr 10, 2017 -

In the Lost Foam Casting process, the use of coatings can improve the stiffness and strength of the pattern, so that the EPS pattern and mold isolation, to prevent sticky sand and mold collapse; in the casting process to allow the appearance of high temperature decomposition products in a timely manner through the coating. Paint is generally composed of refractory materials, adhesives, suspending agents and other components, the proportion of the composition of the coating has a great impact on the performance. But some companies on the role of paint composition is not very clear, free to change the paint formulation and preparation process, or because of the lack of a composition to continue to use the preparation, resulting in greatly reduced coating performance; some companies in the mold dip drying process problems, Sometimes in order to shorten the time, in the case of the first paint is not dry on the next dip, resulting in the model is not fully dry inside, which there is moisture; and summer only use drying method, the process of instability, resulting in Pouring or produce stomata during casting; the thickness of the coating does not notice that the casting temperature and the change in the molten iron head vary depending on the casting.

Only to pay attention to and solve the above problems, and work in the details of the effort, it will not produce due to paint casting defects