The Existing Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Model Production In The Following Ways:

- Apr 10, 2017 -

(1) with EPS sheet packaging cutting, bonding made.

(2) self-made mold, commissioned outside the factory processing.

(3) self-made simple pre-forming equipment.

The above method is used to make the model, and there is a general phenomenon that does not attach importance to the change of the density of the mold. In particular, the model is not easy to control when the mold is processed, and the hot water is cast from the gate when the casting is frequent. The To this end in the production process should strengthen the test of the density of the model to increase the drying time of the model and other methods; EPS beads by the process of experiment selected, can not arbitrarily change the raw material manufacturers; pre-use weighing tools to control the beads Grain density, change the method of controlling the density of beads with artificial experience; to take the above method, the problem has been solved.