The Casting Process Of EPC Equipment Is As Follows:

- Apr 10, 2017 -

First, pre-foam

The polystyrene beads are pre-fed to the appropriate density, typically by rapid heating of steam.

Second, the model forming

Pre-foamed beads must be stabilized and then fed into the mold cavity, which in turn passes the steam, softens the beads, expands, pushes all the voids and sticks into one.

Third, the model cluster together

Before the use of the model, you must store the appropriate time (hours to days) to make it mature and stable, and then the block model for bonding.

Four, model family dip coating

The model cluster is immersed in a refractory coating and then dried in an air circulation oven of about 30 to 60 ° C for 2-3 hours. After drying, the model clusters are placed in a flask and filled with dry sand to vibrate and compact (usually by vacuum Negative pressure of the way, so that sand compact), must make all the model cluster inside the hole and the external dry sand are tight and support.

Five, pouring molten

After the metal is poured into the mold, the model material is vaporized at high temperature, and its space is replaced by metal to form the casting.

Six, sand cleaning

After casting, the casting is solidified and cooled in a flask, then sand and cleaned.

EPC equipment casting process by virtue of its high precision, low cost, good working environment advantages, will gradually replace the old-fashioned black sand casting, resin sand casting and some other casting process means, believe it will have a good future development, let us wait and see!