Problems In Vibration Of Lost Foam Casting Equipment

- Apr 10, 2017 -

Vibrating compactness is one of the four key technologies of Lost Foam Casting. The role of vibration is to make the dry sand produce dynamic flow in the sand box, improve the filling and density of dry sand and prevent the casting defects. In the dry sand vibration filling, the ideal situation is that the dry sand in the process of vibration in an orderly flow, to ensure that the model is not deformed under the premise of evenly fill the various parts of the model, so that the sand box to obtain a higher sand And a more uniform packing density. The most common phenomenon is due to improper vibration operation, resulting in the appearance of deformation, coating layer cracking, etc., resulting in the corresponding casting defects. Some shaking table itself due to the exciting force is too large, the same group of motor polarization block imbalance is also easy to cause the appearance of deformation. To this end, the main should be to adjust the excitation force, amplitude and vibration time; for larger size and simple structure of the casting, the three motor can be three-dimensional vibration to double or vertical vibration; especially by detecting the vibration of the instrument Taiwan's parameters to be detected and adjusted to meet the design requirements.