Precision Casting Of Materials

- Apr 10, 2017-

Precision casting enterprise metal materials mainly from outsourcing materials, the enterprise of scrap castings, pouring risers. The outsourcing of metal materials is often in bulk, very few pressed into a tube, different materials are easy to confuse together, such as 316 material mixed with 304 or 430 material. Therefore, the precision casting enterprises to choose as much as possible to purchase into a cylindrical material. The chemical composition of each batch of purchased material was analyzed using a spectral analyzer. If possible, the supplier should conduct field trips to evaluate whether the material is to be identified, protected and isolated.

For the enterprise scrap (waste castings, pouring risers) to be in addition to corrosion, to oil, sand and clean and dry treatment, control S, P ingredients. And, the scrap of different materials to be identified, protected, separated storage, can not be confused.