New Technologies For Casting

- Jul 01, 2017-



In the face of global information and technology with high speed development.The modernization level promotes at high speed for machinery manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry.Chinese foundry industry should clearly understand their historical responsibilities and the reality the casting gap between developed countries and use the latest achievements of human civilization boldly. Recognize "only to achieve high casting technology to keep up with the times step," the truth. Grasp the development trend of modern casting technology and use the advanced casting technology.The development of China's foundry industry lay the foundation for China's modern industrial civilization. 1. Developed countries foundry industry with advanced casting technology, good casting quality, high casting production efficiency, less environmental pollution and raw material has become a series of commercial supply, such as Europe has established a multinational service system. 2.Chinese casting production technology is limited to a small number of key casting enterprises, the overall casting technical level of the industry is backward, low quality casting, casting materials and energy consumption is higher, poor economic efficiency, poor working conditions, serious pollution. The academic research in Chinese casting field is not backward, many casting research results are at the international advanced level, but few is translated into the real productive forces.3.China's casting technology development trend is to develop the wear-resistant castings, corrosion-resistant casting,heat-resistant special alloy castings; the development of new varieties of cast alloy steel improves casting material performance and utilization rate,lower cost,shorten production cycle.