Low Alloy Steel Castings Process Characteristics

- Aug 12, 2017 -


Low alloy steel castings are alloy type that used to make castings. In the low alloy steel castings, its design is more flexible.Not only to meet the different needs of the project, but also can be used by different heat treatment process, so as to achieve more effective. In the process of using low alloy steel castings, the design specifications are as follows:

1) riser and process subsidies design

2) the riser of low alloy steel casting usually adopt insulated riser and centrally placed. In order to ensure smooth flow and easy to pour, so adopt the open riser. According to the structure, size and wall thickness of low alloy steel sand castings, the process allowance is set to ensure the low alloy steel castings are solidified in the order from the riser to the riser.

3) anti-cracking measures

Low alloy steel casting inner corner is easy to crack.In order to prevent cracks, large fillet is commonly used and placed the anti crack reinforcement or cold forming iron.Low alloy steel casting inner center and blocked parts with retreat materials to decrease the shrinkage resistance in fillet and prevent crack.

4) cold iron

The low alloy steel casting outside is locally raised.The outer cooling iron is placed between the two risers to eliminate the local heat sink.The outside cold iron is placed between two risers in low alloy steel castings lower box

5) air vent and vent passage

Low alloy steel casting upper box is raised partially, but not suitable to place the vents in the riser; low alloy steel castings on the corner upper box place the vent ;window position in the upper box place the vent; lower box is reinforced when pit molding and set hard sand bed in the air outlet passage.