Characteristics And Requirements Of Large High Manganese Steel Castings

- Aug 14, 2017 -


In large high manganese steel castings,due to high melting point and poor liquidity,it is easy to be oxidation.And if there is debris, it will have a great impact on the performance of large high manganese steel castings.Most factories use bottom pouring ladle with good thermal insulation and slag resistance. The bottom pouring ladle is often referred to as a leak package or a plunger package.


Gating system with simple structure and large section area,so the filling is fast and smooth. The stream is not be dispersed which in favor of High Manganese Steel Castings Solidification and riser feeding,it should not hinder the high manganese steel casting shrinkage.The sprue of large cast steel is made of refractory bricks.


In large high manganese steel castings, for the different quality of high manganese steel castings,they use different ladle including different diameters of holes and the plug rod baffle to adjust the flow.Plunger resistance flow has a certain limit, according to experience, the maximum plug stopper flow limit is about 75% when the flow is fully open. Beyond this limit when the molten steel stocks scattered,it can not be normal casting. Frequent opening and closing of the stopper rod will lead to blockage failure, it should be non-regulation plug method to design the pouring system. When pouring at the end of the bag, the pouring system must be open, the sprue is not filled, to ensure that the molten steel will not overflow outside the runner. For general steel castings with multi-purpose, high cast steel often used stepped pouring system.