How To Deal With The Problems In The Use Of Wear-resistant Steel Casting?

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Wear is the most important failure mode of wear-resistant cast steel, especially in the case of abrasive wear, because of the strong impact of abrasive and other working conditions, wear resistant steel castings are gradually lost and eventually fail.


The hardness of wear-resistant steel casting is an important factor affecting its wear. Generally speaking, we hope that the hardness of the wear-resistant steel casting is more than 0.8 times of the hardness of the abrasives, so as to obtain better wear resistance. It must be noted that the hardness of the wearing steel casting is the hardness of the wear surface of the wear-resistant steel casting, but not the initial hardness before wear. But wear hardness is not better, in some conditions, the micro crack initiation cause the hardness is too high.As to the abrasive wear mechanism of micro cutting mechanism, improving the hardness of wear-resistant steel casting is beneficial to the improvement of wear resistance.


For abrasive wear of the fatigue flaking mechanism,the higher hardness of the wear-resistant steel castings is compatible with good ductility and toughness, especially with good fracture toughness, low crack propagation rate and high impact fatigue resistance.It is conducive to the improvement of wear resistance.


If the wear resistant steel casting in wet abrasive wear conditions or high temperature, due to high temperature oxidation or electrochemical corrosion, wear resistant steel castings are subject to abrasive wear and corrosion wear.That is, corrosion abrasive wear, in addition to the requirements for the mechanical properties of high temperature abrasive wear,improve the anti-oxidation properties of wear-resistant steel castings such as increased Cr, will improve the wear resistance; for wet corrosion wear and the electrode potential of the wear-resistant steel casting.In particular to reduce the phase boundary corrosion, will be beneficial to improve the wear resistance.