How Does The Sand Casting Control The Steel Casting Quality?

- Jul 24, 2017 -


In the process of sand casting, the steel casting quality problem is always the attention focus. Steel casting quality problems depends on raw materials. Choose the best material may not improve the sand casting cost, but if the quality of raw materials is good or not,it often depends on the overall quality of the steel casting, so the sand casting manufacturer can not get the profit by saving the cost and give away steel casting quality.


First of all, before we control the steel casting quality, we must know the raw materials. Common raw materials are divided into: metal material, mold material, sand mold and surface coating. After understanding the name of the raw material, we need to make a further analysis of the raw materials.Sand casting is the way to cast steel in the sand mold.Whether it is for steel castings or nonferrous alloy castings,all can be by sand casting. The steel casting usage range is quite wide and can be said it is the most common casting method.


Sand casting is widely used by many foundry company and the casting materials cost are lower by this way.So,many foundry factories like to use this approach.