What Are The Factors That Affect The High Manganese Steel Castings?

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The high manganese steel castings can be cast at one time.It is an advanced casting process.Due to the high manganese steel castings have the higher requirement for the size and the surface roughness,so any problem in the whole process can lead to scrap high manganese steel castings.


The following are the key factors affecting the quality of high manganese steel castings.

1.the mold material and its additive ingredients determine the casting surface quality.

2. the composition and pouring temperature have the important influence on the overall quality of high manganese steel casting.

3. the pouring system should be scientific and reasonable.

4. coating binder and hardening agent have great influence on casting.


If improve the high manganese steel casting quality,it can start from the casting process.It  must strictly control the pouring temperature and add a small amount of alloy elements with surface activity that is very helpful to solve the metamorphism problem.


The production process of high manganese steel casting has been studied by many scholars. It believes that it will be helpful to solve those stubborn problems with advanced research results. The factors affecting the quality of the high manganese steel casting still require more attention by attention.