Current Status Of Global Foundry Industry

- Jun 20, 2017 -


Casting production is one of the main methods to get the machine castings.It is the important foundation of the machine manufacturing industry and occupies a very important position in the national economy of china.The casting weight accounts for higher proportion in the total weight of the machine for many machines.The internal combustion engine casting is 80%, the tractor casting is 65%-80%, the hydraulic parts and the pump machinery casting is 50%-60%. Automobile industry as Chinese pillar industry is developing vigorously,the key parts castings of engine, such as the eight cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft, cylinder liner, piston, intake pipe and exhaust pipe pieces,etc are almost entirely made by casting; metallurgy, mining, power plants ,etc large castings; in the foundation of the national economy and people's living facilities also need a large number of castings, water (gas) pipeline requires high toughness ductile cast iron casting.American casting output has fallen back to the second place since 2000. In 2004 the United States casting production is 12.31 million tons, which gray iron castings account for 35%, ductile iron castings account for 33%, steel castings account for 8.4%, aluminum alloy castings account for 16%. From the demand point of view, the ductile iron castings and aluminum castings will increase. Imported castings account for 15% of the total demand in 2003, and the price of imported castings were lower for 20% - 50% than that in the United states.


In recent years,the casting environmental protection requirements is higher,large energy consumption, expensive labor and other reasons.American large car foundry factories that produce ordinary automobile castings have closed and casting production gradually turns to developing countries:India, Mexico, Brazil China etc.. The foundry industry in Japan is on the decline and its employees are decreasing. In 2004, Japan casting production is 6.39 million tons, which gray iron castings accounted for 42%,ductile iron castings accounted for 30%, steel castings accounted for 4%, aluminum alloy castings account for 21%. From the demand point view,ductile iron castings and aluminum castings are increasing. The foundry industry in Japan has done a great deal of work in technical innovation, and developed ball shaped low expansion casting sand, high damping cast iron material and silicon heat-resisting nodular iron. The vacuum die casting can be welded and heat treated, and semi solid casting is used in automobile aluminum wheel hub to increase the strength and elongation.High manganese steel casting is further developed and its performance is improved and lower cost.