How To Control The Dimensional Deviation Of Steel Castings?

- Jul 07, 2017 -

There is dimensional deviation when steel castings are in casting production, which has a certain influence for the steel castings quality.So ,it is very important to reduce the dimensional deviation of steel castings.Then,how to control the dimensional deviation of steel castings?


When the designer design the steel castings, they need consider the steel casting’s dimensional deviation.It can not only design a precise numerical value without leaving the tolerance size, which it will be very easy to make the steel castings deviation.In addition, In the process of designing steel castings, we need to adjust the process once there is dimensional deviation to recover the normal size.So,the waste phenomenon won’t happen.


If want to control the dimensional deviation of steel castings, the key is that understand the casting material solid shrinkage rate in advance before casting, and can effectively avoid the large steel casting dimensional deviation caused by shrinkage is too large .


Through detailed introduction above, we control the dimensional deviation of steel castings very well in the future when design the steel castings, which helps to improve the quality of steel castings.So,it is necessary to master the casting knowledge.