Characteristics Of Pouring System For Wear Resistant Steel Casting

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Wear-resistant steel casting’s casting performance is different from iron casting.And the pouring system design of wear resistant steel casting is different from iron casting.


Wear resistant steel casting characteristics are as below:

1.pouring system according to the principle of directional solidification design, which is due to the cast steel wear resistant casting is paste-like solidification with large poor mobility and body contraction and line shrinkage ,it is more easy to be shrink shrinkage ;

2.Wear resistant steel castnig’s pouring system size is bigger with open design, which is due to the melting point of molten steel and casting temperature are very high, strong thermal radiation, big impact force,serious oxidation.So the casting time is short and smooth flow to avoid splash, vortex and oxidation;

3.Except mass production of small steel castings, the wear resistant steel castings usually adopt the bottom pouring ladle to pour. This is because the melting point of cast steel is high, slag is thin and the slag inside the mold is difficult to float;

4.wear-resistant steel castings usually adopt round cross-section of the refractory brick pouring system, because the wear resistant steel castings cool faster and require good gating system insulation and less heat loss.