A New Approach For Foundry Industry

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Enterprise scale is the first condition for access.According to the new foundry enterprises need a high starting point, so the new enterprises scale has a higher threshold. The scale is measured by the production capacity, and only make the rules to the enterprise that adopts sand casting process (accounting for more than 80% of Chinese total casting output) and centrifugal casting process; encourage foundry enterprises to adopt advanced casting process that the castings are suitable for business conditions and casting’s requirement.And the casting process that is low production efficiency,environmental pollution and poor quality of casting should be eliminated. About the casting equipment, it rules qualitatively the foundry enterprises must meet equipment capacity and emphasize the smelting equipment due to the melting process of metal liquid accounts for the largest proportion in casting enterprise energy consumption;it regulates the casting enterprises should have the quality control ability from the process control for casting’s quality and points out that the casting’s quality shall conform with the corresponding standard; About the energy consumption,it specifies the highest energy consumption indication for medium frequency furnace and electric induction furnace, etc smelting equipment; waste discharge and governance, and labor protection conditions are determined in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and standards.