Pattern Manufacturing Procedure Control Key Points & Request for sand casting

- Jun 08, 2017 -

   Pattern manufacturing procedure for sand casting,we adopt wooden pattern.and there are the control keys and request about sand casting as below.

       1.  Understand the drawing and processing technique completely. Have a clear and reasonable pattern making overall conception.

2.     Make a big sample if necessary.

3.     The patterns should have reasonable structure, strong frame, suitable hoisting position, properly positioned insert piece. Also should be convenient for molding, easy to knock out and handling, deformation resistant and durable.

4.     The core boxes should be convenient to be assembled and disassembled; could be precisely and reliably positioned, assembled and locked; should be convenient to make the cores.

5.     The dimensions, shape and position precision should conform to drawing and processing technique provisions, should meet the tolerance request.

6.     The patterns should have smooth surface, good quality, smooth painting and should be easy to knock out.

7.     The central line, central distance and key position line should be clear and precise so as to be conveniently inspected and measured.

8.     The core boxes should be marked with client name, casting name, part number, material, box quantity, relevant position in molds and cores, core box number and insert pieces quantity. Mark the useful message for molding and making the cores conveniently.

9.     Without the processing technique designer's agree, pattern makers should not modify the pattern manufacturing requests of the processing technique.