Stainless steel castings pouring items

- Aug 11, 2017-

When pour the stainless steel castings , each link is important.If there is a link error, it may lead to unqualified stainless steel castings. In order to produce a relatively qualified stainless steel castings, we have to strictly control the casting speed, the temperature of the casting and the operating rules of the casting.


1. the speed of pouring:In the condition that the gas in the cavity is discharged smoothly,simultaneous solidification of stainless steel castings can be used for high casting speed, For stainless steel castings that require the order to be solidified, it need adopt low pouring speed as much as possible.


2. pouring temperature: pouring temperature on the quality of stainless steel cast steel has a great impact and should determine a reasonable pouring temperature range according to the alloy type, stainless steel cast steel structure and casting characteristics.


3. pouring operation should pay attention to the two points as below:

(1)For pouring large, medium-sized stainless steel cast steel casting, molten steel cool in the ladle for 1min ~ 2min after pouring;

(2) stainless steel casting solidification is completed after pouring and promptly remove the pressure iron and box to reduce the stainless steel casting shrinkage resistance and avoid the stainless steel casting crack defection.