Sand casting process

- Jul 03, 2017-

Due to the improvement of casting quality, the casting precision, casting cost and casting  automation requirements.Casting technology develops into more precise, large scale, high quality, automation and cleaning.For example,China develops in high speed for the sand casting technology,precision casting technology, continuous casting, special casting technology, casting autmoation and casting molding simulation technology.


The casting main material is cast steel, cast iron, cast non-ferrous alloys (copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc.). Casting process can be divided into sand casting process and special casting process. Special casting processes include centrifugal casting, low pressure casting, differential pressure casting, pressure casting, plaster casting, ceramic mold casting, etc.


Sand casting process. Sand casting is a traditional casting process that sand as the main molding material. Sand casting usually adopts gravity casting.If special requirements,it can adopt the low pressure casting and centrifugal casting,etc. Sand casting is wide adaptability for large or small casting, simple casting, complex castings, single and mass castings . The pattern for sand casting is formerly made of wood, it call wooden pattern.Wooden pattern is more refractory than metal mold, so copper alloy and ferrous metal with higher melting point also adopt this kind . However, sand casting also has some shortcomings: because each sand casting can only be cast once, if get the casting and wooden pattern is damaged,it must re-mold.So the sand casting production efficiency is relatively low.