Sand casting is a common casting method

- Jul 15, 2017-

We all know that there is the casting method for sand casting, this method is cast into steel casting, alloy casting, nonferrous metal casting,etc. But you know, to the sand casting, the price is relatively cheap, but it is very simple to cast, so the large quantities production is acceptable. In the foundry industry, this is the basic craft. So, this casting way can be seen in foundry industry.


Because it can be better and faster to come up with some useful things, so people adopt sand casting method. In this case, a lot of them are made in this casting way which is the casting trend. Development from one stage to another; changes from one stage to another; breakthroughs and improvements from one stage to another.


In a long time ago, there is no better casting way due to casting price is very expensive, the charge is much more and the casting technology is also slightly backward, so manufacturing is not so much and good. but slowly, after a change in technology, it is slowly getting better, the foundry industry is more and more developed after the technology changes.Thanks for the technology development ,the sand casting method occurs.


It is more convenient for people with the sand casting appearance and can adapt this sand casting method. It's really a good way. So,many foundry industries use this sand casting method.