Large high manganese steel casting induction hardening

- Aug 09, 2017-

Large high manganese steel castings are most commonly used in the production of cast steel parts. In cast steel, its mechanical properties are higher and need heat treatment when use. The induction heating quenching process is the most common surface processing technology for large high manganese steel casting, and the steel casting has longer service life after the treatment.


Large high manganese steel castings induction heat treatment is the quenching process that use the induction current through the workpiece produced by the thermal effect of the workpiece surface, partial or whole heating and rapid cooling. The main basis of induction heating is electromagnetic induction, skin effect and heat conduction 3 basic principles.


Large cast steel high manganese castings by induction heating is rapid heating, the temperature of phase transition, phase transformation kinetics and formation of the organization are very different from ordinary heating. The characteristics of induction heating quenching for high manganese steel casting: superplasticity phenomenon, surface hardness is higher 2 ~ 3HRC than ordinary quenching, martensite is small and fine carbide dispersed; the wear resistance is higher than common quenching; because the surface is small cryptocrystalline martensite, and There is a significant increase in compressive stress and fatigue strength. The sensitivity of the gap is reduced, the quality is stable, the surface is oxidized, the decarburization is small and the workpiece deformation is small; the heating source induction heating system and heating speed is fast with high thermal efficiency and energy saving; high productivity, easy to realize mechanization and automation