Casting steel heat treatment of the main elements:

- Apr 10, 2017-

1. The heat treatment of cast steel consists of three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling. Its process parameters to determine, to ensure product quality and cost savings as the basis.

2. Heat treatment of cast steel parts According to the heating and cooling conditions are different, the main heat treatment of steel castings are: annealing normalizing, homogenization, quenching, tempering, solution treatment, precipitation hardening, stress relief and hydrogen removal deal with.

3. Annealing is to heat the cast steel to a certain temperature above, heat for a certain time, cooling the heat treatment process. The purpose of the annealing is to eliminate the columnar crystals in the cast organization, the coarse equiaxed, the Weiss's structure and the dendritic segregation to improve the mechanical properties of the cast steel.

4. Carbon steel annealing after the organization: auricular cast steel for the ferrite and pearlite, eutectoid cast steel for pearlite, hypereutectic cast steel for pearlite and carbide. Applicable to all grades of cast steel.