Cast steel slag pot sand casting for metallurgy function

- Aug 07, 2017-

Slag pot cast steel sand casting is the most important steel casting used in the metallurgical industry. It will always be scattered some slag when smelting steel with high temperature.The slag ladle steel casting is the container used to hold these slag . Both sides of the cast carbon steel slag pot casting have a bowl.The slag pot carbon steel castings are characterized by large driving force, easy maintenance and long service life.


Carbon steel cast slag pot often appear at the site of tapping and slag discharge. Modern blast furnace tapping yard is equipped with mud gun, slag pot, crane, hot metal tank and other equipment. Modern blast furnace slag is used to flush slag or dry slag pits in front of the furnace. Because the iron field is dusty at the time of tapping. Now, most of them are using exhaust fans and cloth bags for dust removal. After the dust has been recovered from lead and zinc, it can be used as raw material for sintering or pelletizing. Some blast furnaces also have cast iron machines. Its metallurgical recycled capacity has been greatly strengthened,so that the work is completed more smoothly cooperate with other equipment at the same time..