Carbon steel casting and alloy steel castings inspection items

- Jul 28, 2017-


Carbon steel casting, alloy steel castings inspection items:

1. manufacturing methods:

Steel made by electric furnace smelting.

2. heat treatment status:

Alloy steel castings with a maximum chromium content of no more than 18% are suitable for annealing or non-heat treatment. The heat treatment status should be negotiated when order. Other ferritic steels or ferrite-austenitic steels or austenitic steels should be supplied in a cast state.

3. grades and chemical composition:

Steel grades and chemical composition (smelting analysis).Sometimes it is agreed that alloy steel casting and carbon steel castings allow chemical composition deviation, but can not effect the material mechanical properties, weldability,the technology property of carbon steel casting and alloy steel casting for fine machine .

4. pay attention to check the carbon steel casting and alloy steel castings if there are sand holes, cracks and other defections.In general, the sand hole is the sand strength is not enough, tightness is not enough, casting speed is too fast. Some carbon steel castings and alloy steel castings with phenomenon of shrinkage is the supplement not enough in the solidification process. In addition, some sticky sand is molding sand and poor fire resistance temperature is higher. Cracks in the carbon steel casting and alloy steel casting is the wall thickness difference too large, and some pouring system opened improperly, etc.