Brief introduction of sand casting process

- Jul 18, 2017-


Sand casting is a traditional casting process which is widely used in the casting factories. Molding material is mainly sand and still is the basic process in the casting production.


    1. The applicable scope of sand casting:

"Sand casting" is wide range of application.Large and small steel casting ,simple steel casting,complex steel casting all can be adopted.


    2.Advantages and disadvantages:

Mold material price is lower and easy to buy.The casting mold is simple and convenient to manufacture.The sand castings are small deformation,good abrasion resistance, easy processing, low cost. sand casting is higher temperature resistance than the metal casting.But the sand casting also has disadvantages that can not be solved. What exactly is the reason? Because each worker completes the manual casting gating only once, after the opening box, the sand mold is destroyed and need mold again which will affect the production efficiency; and because the sand is soft and porous, so the casting dimensional precision by sand casting is lower and the surface is rough.It is not suitable for precision casting and high precision products unless the deep processing of casting can be considered, such as reducer casting, bearing cap casting, cylinder cover casting, pulley casting, rail casting,etc.


Above all, each casting process has its advantages and it can choose the casting process according to the casting’s requirement.Not all casting process are perfect.