Advantages of Steel Castings compared with forged steel part

- Aug 18, 2018-

 Advantages and disadvantages of steel castings compared with forged steel parts:

  1. Steel castings is more flexiable in design. The steel casting parts can be designed freedly on the casting shape and size, especially complex shape and hollow parts.It is easy to shape and change the shape and can make finished products quickly according to the drawing. It can provide quick response and shorten delivery time.

  2. The maximum flexibility of metallurgical manufacturing and the variability of infrared carbon and sulfur analyzers allows you to select different chemical components and organizational structures to meet the needs of different projects.Mechanical properties can be selected for different heat treatment processes and this property can be used on a large scale to improve weldability and usability.

  3. Improved overall structural strength due to high reliability of the project, coupled with reduced weight design and shorter delivery time, can improve competitive advantage in terms of price and economy.

  4. compared with forged steel part, the steel casting parts are with a wide range of weight changes. According to the total weight of the steel castings,the changes will be 10 grams,to several tons or dozens of tons. 

  Compared with forged steel parts: the mechanical properties of steel castings are not different in all directions, and they are superior to forged steel parts.In the design of some high-tech products, designers must consider the properties of materials in three directions, which highlights the advantages of casting.It is easy to make complex shapes and non-stress concentrated parts of steel castings, regardless of weight, volume and primary production.

  Compared with welded structure: in terms of shape and size, welded structure is more flexible than forged steel parts, but it still has the following disadvantages  first, It is easy to be out of shape during welding. second, It is difficult to form a streamline structure. third, high internal stress during welding. forth, welds affect the appearance and reliability.

When we need high tensile strength or dynamic load components, important pressure vessel castings and core parts that bear heavy loads at low or high temperatures, we should give preference to steel castings.